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Every human being has a divine spark.  The purpose of yoga is to ignite this flame to bring each person to higher consciousness.


The benefits of yoga are renowned.   Stretching and toning exercises combined with deep breathing and meditation not only help to develop a fit and beautiful body, but increase the powers of concentration and bestow a positive additude and peace of mind.


I have been teaching yoga for over 40 years and am considered to be one of the pioneers of bringing yoga to the mass market.  Even though I am happy that so many people are practicing yoga, I feel that most people have lost the true meaning of yoga and its principles.  I have written this book to redefine yoga and bring it back to its ancient roots.  Yoga has become a billion dollar industry but we need to explain the true meaning of yoga without over-commercialization.  Let's understand real yoga and unlock the universal principles that are so relevant now.

We explore this ancient science to see how it applies to modern living.

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The purpose of the retreats is to have intensive training in the practice of yoga.  Along with understanding the asanas in depth, spiritual discussions and Q&A concerning spiritual growth will inspire and heal the soul.


Yoga unifies your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies so you feel whole and happy.


In the beautiful surroundings of hawaii and kerala you will learn correct breath control and techniques to calm your mind and relieve stress on a celluar level.



Yoga defines your soul’s purpose and brings it to fruition

Yoga Retreats
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