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Real Yoga — A Pure and Simple Journey

Vimla Lalvani has dedicated her life to teaching people about the benefits of Yoga and the importance of integrating the mind, body, and spiritual self. She has written eight books, bringing her modern approach de-mystifying Yoga to the masses.

REAL YOGA provides an accessible foundation for anyone wishing to start the practice of Yoga and hopes to encourage every individual to reap the benefits – dealing with life’s stresses to feeling confident and positive and gaining a sense of empowerment- not to mention enjoying a happier and longer life.

The world is a hectic stressful place. We need to find inner balance and harmony in order to cope with the modern world. Yoga teaches you how to draw the energies into yourself in order to cope with the daily ups and downs. You become in total control of your life so you are able to make correct decisions for yourself rather than relying on others to solve your problems. Yoga teaches you to be confident and positive and gives you a sense of empowerment.

Vimla Lalvani has written eight books on Yoga, which have been translated into 20 languages. She has produced ten videos, which are on sale worldwide, and appears regularly on her television series. She lectures in many conferences and seminars worldwide and has been a subject of many newspaper and magazine articles.

There is no doubt that Vimla is the most respected authority on Yoga today.

Born in the Hawaiian, Vimla’s love of the outdoor life led to studies in modern dance and classical Indian dance. After completing her university education in philosophy at U.C.L.A in Los Angeles and the University of Hawaii she went to India to further her studies.It was in India that she met the most influential figure in Yoga today, the master B.K.S. Iyengar and the author of Light On Yoga. He accepted her as a personal student, training her in the rigorous and dynamic methods in which he is world famous.

After training with him in India she returned to Hawaii where she opened her own yoga academy and co-starred in a weekly television series entitled Yoga and Health. In 1972 marriage took her to London where she is now based.

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